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About the game

A battle for survival and orbital supremacy.

Null Orbital Exception is a Multiplayer Platform Shooter where you will be able to put yourself in one of numerous Orbital Duels participants place's. Your goal is be the last one survival in a combat without second chances, with another 100 participants and the most savage enemy, the environment and his unpredictable wildlife.

Explore big levels, collect provisions to ensure your survival, ambush your enemies, etc. Sometimes will be game events that tests your abilities. You will be able to facing colossal bosses, zombie hordes, provisions thieves... Will you be able to return in one piece?

Custom your own orbital warrior

Before to start the duel, you will prepare your own warrior for the battle. Change his appearance (his costume, colors, or put on accessories, as hats, glasses, etc.), his special skill (as for example, better resistance to extreme temperatures, increase his attack or defense, increase the chance to poison enemies, etc.), and the initial equipment that you will have at the beginning of the battle (weapons and grenades). Adjust your character to the strategy most convenient. Will you create a killing machine, any type of human shield, or will you just stay hidden while the rest kill each other?

Exclusive duels
and global rankings, or universal?

Get out alive of the planet has its merits, and would be a shame can't show off them, so, besides to get rewards for your success, you will be able to record your achievements and show it to your friends and enemies. Your statistics will stay saves and you will see your position in a global ranking visible within the game and the web page. Also you will see the repetitions of your previous battles, or even follow live new battles in which you're not participating.
If you obtain high ranking position, you will have the opportunity to participate against the best to show what it means to be a true orbital warrior.

Meet the orbital warriors


Baaalax is a ram with an appearance of football player. Is quite aggresive, and is remarkable also for his little intelligence. In battle, he moves with great agility: It's pretty fast, has double jump and when he sprints, can hurt other players. He is resistant to cold temperatures, but is very vulnerable to heat zones and their movement is very limited in water.


Rexverse is a reverse dinosaur. Has the appearance of a Tyrannosaurus Rex, but has a second head on his backside, machined rear arms and the capacity to walk at same speed in both directions. Given that he does everything backwards, he has the ability to glide upwards for a short period of time, which helps to reach very high platforms. Their weapons are intended to give a "twist" to his enemies.

Cyclonic 3000

Cyclonic 3000 is a sea urchin equipped with armor that allows it to keep the same agility both inside and outside the water, what makes him an all-terrain fighter. With His wheels and his turbo-prop attached to the back, can get to be pretty fast, although not as much as Baaalax. It is quite vulnerable in environments with extremely high temperatures.


Xanna is a robot with a female appearance that was initially created to control the masses and promote respect for the authority. She moves thanks to her engine, allowing her to make great jumps. But since she hasn't legs or wheels, her movement on land is slower than normal and she doesn't move well in the water.

Emil nº4

Emil n° 4 is a robot that initially was created as a toy for children, but was discarded and thrown in the landfill when ceased to be popular in the shops. Over time was "updated" with add-ins that was found on the way and currently aims to take revenge from all who despised him anytime in the past. It is resistant to all kinds of temperatures and moves well in the water, but their ability to jump is very limited.

Ninja Moruno

Ninja with great culinary talent. It is rumored that he cooks his enemies after killing them. He has excellent agility and is able to jump from wall to wall to reach quite high places. However, his defense is not as good.


Kletos has a balanced movement and resists high temperatures very well. Has a jetpack attached on his back that allows he gliding, but it is not very effective in the water.


Barbarriga is the most feared pirate of the galaxy. He is a light-fingered, and his belly has a huge mouth that devours everything that gets his ahead. He is a born fighter and has a good defense. But his movement is very limited.


Oficus is pretty elusive thanks to its size. It has a ficus in his head that gives its the ability to glide. It is very vulnerable to extreme temperatures.


Tentaprint is an Octopus that dwells within a printer. It has the ability to replicate any weapon due to its 3D ink, and release bursts of electricity with the USB 5.0 unit that has in one of its tentacles. Out of the water moves quite slow, but in the water he operates very well, since it has the ability to swim and to cling to the walls.

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What is this game about?

 Eyyy, I've got you! Didn't you read the web's information in the upper? You can read it here

What platforms will release Null Orbital Exception on?

 Null Orbital Exception will be downloadable for PC through the website and on Steam. Anyway, maybe in the future we release the game on Xbox and Playstation.

I have read that up to 100 players participate in each round. How long will each round?

 Since the battle does not end until only one survivor, it is unpredictable to know how long it could last. Even so, before each game, it is possible to set a time limit. After that time limit, will begin a random event of sudden death which will cause the battle ends more quick. These events can be: crushing the walls of the level that force players to meet then or let die crushed, covering with lava or poisonous gas all of the level, explode rooms... I do not tell you more, if not I will ruin the surprise!

With how many lives will you begin on each game? Is there any way to respawn after lose a life?

 By default you will have only one life in each battle. The objective of this game is to show your abilities of warrior and survivor. You must think of a strategy, or temporary alliances with other players to ensure your survival. Still, if you prefer to start with more lives, you can change it before you start the game.

I have read that there will be many characters to choose from, but on this page I have only seen 10. Will have more?

 Of course. These 10 characters are that will be available in the initial version. Once the game is launched, we will be bringing updates with new characters, costumes, weapons and levels.

How much cost this game?

 Null Orbital Exception will be free-to-play, so you will can download and play free of charge. If you like the game, you will have a store where you can buy exclusive costumes for your favorite characters, or enhancers to gain experience more easily for your character. If you are lazy and don't like to go playing to unlock things such as weapons, characters and abilities, you will also have the possibility of buying those unlockables to get them immediately. And if you're thoughtful, you can buy gifts for your friends.

How many people are in your develoment team?

 We are currently 2 developers, 2 artists and one project manager. If you are interested in participating in this great project, you can contact us by email: contact@tactagara.com


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